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Monday, December 7, 2009

Golden Gate Bridge... by night :) || 2009 Cali Trip

Now, THAT is what i call a Golden Gate Bridge !

Golden Gate Bridge... by day || 2009 Cali Trip

Doesn't look very golden to me...

Fubar was here || 2009 Cali Trip

Red Line || 2009 Cali Trip

Duel Of The Iron Line || 2009 Cali Trip

Duel Of The Iron Mic revisited ;)

Staircase || 2009 Cali Trip

Add this to the list of things I always enjoy seeing in the US. Never gets old...

Sunset on the city || 2009 Cali Trip

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Friendly game of .... What the hell is that game anyway ? || 2009 Cali Trip

We were walking in a park in San Francisco, and we ended up in a middle of what seemed to be some sort of university tournament, with at least a dozen of different teams donning their university's colors, and playing some kind of base-ball game, only with people kicking a soccer ball instead of batting the base-ball... Anyway the atmosphere was very relaxed, people seemed to really enjoy the beautiful afternoon, and it reminded me how much I would have liked to study in the U.S.... This will definitely be one of my biggest regrets in life, not to be able to experience that. Now I can only hope I'll get the chance to go there for work for a couple years or so, even though it's not gonna be the same !

Hypnotize || 2009 Cali Trip

Looks familiar ? || 2009 Cali Trip

Yep, I shot it right after this one... Hesitated a long time before choosing the portrait one for the original post, but I'm still not sure which one looks better... What do you think ?
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